Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Desert Island Review

Desert Island Review

This picture represents my journey from AS to A2 media studies. It shows my struggles and my high points and in the end my overall success in the final exam.

As I start my media syllabus the sun is shining, as I am interested by the topics we are studying. However, as the topics become harder, and the blogging entries become more intense and detailed, the sun turns into a storm with thunder, lightening and rain. My journey continues as I begin to progress further in media studies. The next image, is me thinking that I have won the treasure chest full of jewels, but instead a pirate blocks my way. This represents me trying to overcome the trouble I had with editing at the beginning of the year, and nearly, but not quite being able to do an entire edit with no help.

The next step is a symbolic representation of the obstacles I had to overcome whilst constructing and filming our AS Thriller Opening Sequence. The crocodile is the members in my group, as well as the planning and editing process. This was a large problem to overcome, but I managed to do it and I was extremely happy with our final product. This happiness is portrayed in me lying on a sunbed, being shaded by the coconut tree, which represents all the knowledge I gathered during our filming. The coconut falling on my head, is showing how exams hit me suddenly and the need for intense revision caught me by surprise.

However, this was overcome and the middle area represents Cloud 9, where I am having a party. This is after the exam, when I have found out my result, which turned out to be an A.

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  1. Excellent class presentations on concept. A really good start to the term. Summer holiday work completed – you have tried to identify three artists/ groups with three different images. I am pleased with the amount of detail you have included in your response, which attempts to link the star image with an audience and musical style. I also like the research you have completed into the music industry which demonstrates good knowledge and understanding of the need for the reception of a musical artist as a product and advertised via a promotional campaign. Well done Kate.