Sunday, 14 September 2014

Further Research into Pop Promo Idea: 1

Further Research into Pop Promo Idea: 1

The band in my first pop promo idea, are called Dirty Heads. The name would signify a rock band, but the majority of the bands music is indie pop with a lot of rap as well. The band have a unique image, as they are from an older generation, yet still dress in ripped jeans, t shirts and beanies. This links to the rap music they produce, as well as the soft chilled vibes their songs produce. 

This is an image of the band: 

You can see that they are older than is expected of a band from this genre, and they are in relaxed clothing. 

A band very similar to Dirty Heads is Slightly Stoopid, and they follow the same type of genre and style as Dirty Heads, except some of their music falls into the reggae genre. 

They are roughly around the same age, and they are wearing similar clothing. There is a rock and grunge aspect in both bands, and they show this in their clothing as well as their band logos. The logos each show a more grunge image than what the songs represent, but show the bands to be quirky and a bit different. There is strong drug themes in the both bands music, and this is shown in their images as well as the slightly strange logos. This is especially the case in Slightly Stoopid, who has numerous logos with the weed plant as a recurring image. This is all part of the bands promotional package, as it portrays them to be 'cool' and 'chilled guys' whose music reflects this vibe. 

The bands music videos, all show have partying, drugs and alcohol as a major theme, and this is all trying to attract a specific target audience. The desired audience is people who like to listen to chilled music which is also good to party too. Here, Dirty Heads is using footage that seems to have been filled as real live events, instead of constructed purely for the music video. This encaptures the idea of partying and links directly with the lyrics of the song. Slightly Stoopid do the exact same, in their video, 'No Cocaine'. Both videos combine a real performance element, along with footage that has been filmed live instead of constructed. The image is therefore not of the best quality, but this just adds to the grunge and slightly quirky image the band is trying to put forward. By switching from black and white to colour, the band seem timeless and emphasises the idea that their style is original.

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