Sunday, 21 September 2014

Audience Profiling for Initial Ideas:

Audience Profiling for Initial Ideas: 


The song for my initial idea is called 'Garlands' by the band Dirty Heads. Their songs have a calming tone but an interesting vibe, and target mainly indie music listeners. 

The demographic profiling audience, would be C1 (lower middle class), as the band mainly target teenagers and young adults from around 16-25. This is due to the numerous drug references that the songs make, therefore appeal to a slightly older, more experimental audience. However, the audience also need to have a higher level of wealth, in order to want to rebel from the society that they live in.

The psychological profiling audience, on the VALS classification system, would be action orientated, as this involves 'experiencers' and 'makers'. These people, often have a 'live life in the moment' outlook on life, therefore are taken in by the bands lyrics and image. 


My second song is called 'Fireflies' by Ron Pope. Ron Pope is a reasonably well known artist, who focuses mainly on the lyrics of his songs rather than dramatic performances. 

The demographic profiling audience, would be C1-E, as his music speaks to most people who can relate to being in and out of love. He often deals with social issues in his songs as well, and this would more appeal to a working class audience. 

The psychological profiling audience would be, principle orientated people, as they are 'fullfilleds' and 'believers'. His music, as it focuses on lyrics, is uplifting and inspirational therefore will attract an audience who have faith in certain things, and try to do the best as possible. 


My third idea, involves the song 'Take The Time' by Tiny Tiny but it is the Nick Coleman remix. His song (only one released) is lyrical but also attracts audiences who enjoy remixes and a heavier beat. 

The demographic audience would be B-C2, as the song is directed at teenagers who have enough disposable income to go out and party, whilst also attracting teenagers who like to make remixes of songs. 

The psychological profiling audience, would be action orientated as they are 'experiencers' and 'makers'. This is due to the wildness of the artist, and the fact that he has only released one song, entirely on his own account. This inspires his audience to do the same, and this message of going out to get what you want is reflected in this song. 

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