Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Further Research into Pop Promo Idea: 2

Further Research into Pop Promo Idea: 2

My second idea for my pop promo, is a song by Ron Pope, named 'Fireflies'. It is quite a mellow song, which concentrates firmly on the cinematic lyrics. This is the same for the majority of Ron Pope songs, and thus the image he has created centres on soft muted tones. His music videos often have heart wrenching narrative themes which coincide with the lyrics of that particular song. 

An artist similar to this, in Ed Sheeran, as his music centres solely around his lyrics and his music videos have a strong narrative element as well. Moreover, Ed Sheeran's appearance is not exaggerated and is often, like Ron Pope, seen is simple clothes in soft colours.

The two artists look extraordinarily similar, and the use of black and white gives their image a more authentic feel and echoes their type of music genre. Their star image is centred upon the music, and especially the lyrics of their songs, thus their appearance and style is muted so that the music is the key focus of the fans. 

Moreover, the artists album covers are minimal as well, as their star image is all about softness and pureness. The bright colours attract customers, and by putting the artists on the front it promotes them as well. However, the tone of the album covers is calm which implies that their music will be more sensual and emotive. The name of the album is not exaggerated either, which implies that it is the artist that will be recognisable to the fans not the new album. 

Both artists webpages are similar as well, as they again show the simpleness of their star image. The plain white background, with black lettering emphasises what needs to be said, but the main focus is on the music and the upcoming albums. This again re-iterates the star image, as both artists are not concerned with grand appearances or loud evocative designs. 

Additionally, the artists use narrative elements in their music videos to visually express the lyrics of their songs. This draws attention to the lyrics of the songs, and thus in turn boosts the star image of the artists. It is an effective way to draw attention to the skill of the singer songwriters and this therefore displays their talent on a wider scale. As well as this, the artists use purely performance videos  to display the rawness of their music and therefore forcing the audience to focus entirely on the lyrics. Both artists try not to distract the audience from them music, therefore keep it simple and pure. The lightening used is often minimal as well, and black and white is used to great effect as well.

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