Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Initial Idea for Pop Promo : 3

Initial Idea for Pop Promo: 3

SONG: Take The Time by Tiny Tiny (Nick Coleman Remix) 

This song has a steady beat that builds throughout, whilst also having the narrative element of descriptive lyrics. By combining both the lyrics and the odd sounding beat, it allows me to be quite creative with the camera. 

My idea for this music video, is based around the idea of having a second chance with someone and getting back to the place where you can just simply have fun, without any other worries. There would be two teenagers, a girl and a boy, around the ages of 17-18. They would be slightly odd looking (to match the odd beat), and be quite weird in their actions and appearance. This would be exaggerated by jerky movements of the camera, extreme close ups, sharp cuts and changes from slow motion to normal speed. As the song starts the boy and girl are walking towards each other from across the field. The camera would cut together static shots of them until they were standing face to face. Each are carrying a box, and once they are face to face they put the box down and open the lids. They then should turn to each other, slap each other round the face and then turn to face each other - all the while their faces should hold no emotion. Facing the camera they pull out different items from the box. The items are their past relationship; a jumper, photos, letters, train tickets - any of the junk that forms a long relationship. They then go to burn, tear and trample all of this in a way of completely removing the past. The camera would cut between the boy and girls actions, as well as their faces which should remain blank the entire time. Once all the objects in the boxes have been destroyed, the two should turn to face each other again, and the camera should hold this shot, until the two slowly smile at each other. This is to imply the idea that now the past is gone, they can be friends, and even love each other again. 

As the song gains momentum, the camera will show the two moving forward happily, without the pressure of the past on their back. The camera shows the two playing, and acting like children but extremely content with this arrangement. They squirt each other with water guns, have a paint fight, share a bath with loads of bubbles, draw each other and lie in silence looking up at the sky. The camera would piece together all of these activities, and as the couple seem to grow more and more into children, the camera should become more smooth and the exposure softer. This is to indicate the idea that living in the present carefree, is better than living in the past - they have taken the time to get to know each other again.

In editing, in order to emphasise the idea of going back to a time when you are happier, the footage would be put in reverse and in slow motion. This would link to the narrative element whilst adding a quirky difference to the video.

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