Friday, 22 November 2013

Research for our opening sequence

Research for our opening sequence
Plunkett and Macleane is a 1999 British Historical action comedy film (directed by Jack Scott). In this hanging scene the victim escapes which links with our sequence as the girl is not actually trying to kill herself. Therefore, the fact that this character does not die shows that it is possible to hang someone without immediate death.
The music here adds to the tension and makes the audience on edge. The point of view shot of the man looking down once he has been hung is very effective as puts the audience in the victims place. The cut from this shot to a birds eye view shot shows high the victim is in the air and how much he is struggling and is again very effective.
Angle of Mercy is an American drama which includes the hanging of a young girl.
The close up of the little girl with the background of branches highlights that she is hanging in a tree. This would be effective to use as it shows both aspects of the hanging; the noose and the tree. The mid shots of the feet swaying with the stool being removed would again be a good shot to use, as it would capture the moment before the girl is actually hung. The wide shot of the tree with all the victims hanging is very disturbing and like the film Sinister, it really drives home the atmosphere of death and cruelty. 

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