Sunday, 10 November 2013

Beginning of Story Boarding

First Draft of Story Boarding

Our group began story boarding in order to get some idea of the shots we were going to use, and how we were going to piece them together.  

This was our first very basic draft that we started with. Here we came up with very simple ideas of how we were going to put the shots together and in what order. From this we developed our idea further until we ended with this.

Here we focused closely on each shot and what it would contain.
For each shot we discussed:
Location - where the shot will be set, which we narrowed down to three places; a bathroom, a woodland area and a corridor
Action - what occurs in that specific shot
Shot/movement - what kind of shot we are going to use, and if were are going to pan/tilt/rotate during the                                 shot
Sound - what sounds we want to be heard - diegetic and non diegetic
Lighting - how the shot will be lit - we decided to have natural lighting through out
Edit Transition - how we are going to piece together the individual shots
Timing - how long we are going to hold each shot

We will develop each of these sub topics further until we have a clear outline on what each shot will entail.

Our group was happy with our first story board as it showed that we could combine our two ideas and that they would work together well. 

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