Thursday, 21 November 2013

Research for our opening sequence

Research for opening sequence
Carrying on our research we discovered other films that used hangings.
Girl, Interrupted in a 1999 drama film that uses a hanging scene.

The hanging in this scene also uses music to foreshadow the moment and it also heightens the tension. Furthermore the wide shot of the two girls standing in the door with the girl hanging in the background is extremely disturbing. Also, as the director mainly uses close ups it shows how lifeless the body is thus highlights how quick and sudden the death is.

Another example is Sinister which is a supernatural horror film, directed by Scott Derrickson.

Music here is again very useful at setting the creepy atmosphere and building suspense. The wide shot used throughout allows the audience to witness the whole event clearly. The slow movement of the bodies moving upwards and the lack lustre movements of the actors legs adds to the ominous atmosphere and makes the scene even more terrible. The slower movements of the actions is more effective instead of quick shaking of the legs which could be scene as comical and unrealistic.

Also, this is part of the opening of the film therefore it shows that there are other products that have disturbing moments from the start. This would make it easier for us to show a full hanging in our opening sequence.

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