Friday, 15 November 2013

Example's of Kyle Coopers Work



Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" 


  • The font -
- Goes in tone with when the film is set. Changes colour from white to black in order to ensure that the audience can read the writing clearly. Is large enough for the audience to read easily, but does not distract from the images behind. 

  • The Background
- A cream background allows the images to be seen clearly, while again keeping in tone with the setting of the film. Paper during this time would have been old and faded so fits exactly with the piece.

  • Takes key moments from the film, freezes them then transfers them to drawn like images. 

- This co-insides with the time the film is set in, so matches the context of film. The muted colours of the drawings, occasionally splashed with vivid red allow the audience to consider the image and the writing beside it. Also, by taking images from the actual film the audience is reminded of certain parts that were particularly good, so leave the film with the best parts in their mind. The images are moving slightly, so gives the impression of wet ink drying so again matches the period of the film.


- The drawings allow the audience to connect actor with what part they were playing, so if they did not know the actor before, they have time to find out. The shots are held for a long time period therefore letting the audience read the writing. 


  • The main actors of the film are given their own recognition. This promotes them as the leads and also lets the audience appreciate them specially for their performance. 

  • The music is the theme tune associated with the film, so creates the desired atmosphere of mystery and suspense while still being upbeat. 
  • First credit is Guy Ritchie, so highlights to the audience who directed the film so can appreciate their work first.
  • Some of the images co-inside with what recognition is given. For example, the director of Photography is shown next to an image from the film with a man with a camera.


I like these end credits, as they are not a dull list of the names of actors, directors and producers but instead are exciting snapshots of the film so interest the audience to actually stay and watch the credits.


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