Saturday, 16 November 2013


Kyle Cooper also helps to design adverts. 


  • The music used in the advert is happy and uplifting thus making the product seem more desirable and intriguing. Also, as the song is about pictures it connects with the product further. 

  • The setting is in a messy home environment, therefore implying to the audience that this product can be used anywhere and by anyone. 

  • By bringing the frame up to his face and then the image appears, shows the skill of Cooper's editing and makes the audience believe that getting the image is instant, which is exactly the idea HP want to sell. Also, as the images are fun faces so adds to the upbeat advert.

  • The large writing that comes across the screen of "You are your own photo opportunity" entices the audience in. The word "YOU" is larger than the rest as is bolder, therefore makes the advert personal to the watcher. The switch from "YOU+HP" to the black screen with the companies logo, again shows Cooper's skill of editing, and connects the product with the company. 

  • Also, there are many parody videos of this advert, which shows that many people were excited by the advert and wanted to know if they could do the same thing at home. Therefore, this increases the interest in the product which is exactly what HP wanted thus Cooper did his work very well. 

I enjoyed this advert. It conveys the right amount of information in its short time period, while also being uplifting and interesting to watch. 

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