Monday, 3 November 2014

Change of Idea:

Change of Idea:

Unfortunately, we did another smoke test but with a few smoke bombs at the same time, and the result was that our school kitchen was filled with smoke. As a result, we will not be able to use the smoke bombs as it would be a hazard to us and those around us. Having discussed our options as a group, we have decided to start afresh, and pick a whole new song and idea.
We firstly began by narrowing the genre of music down. We decided to have a ‘rock type band’, as if the worst comes to the worst we can always rely on having a good performance element for our video. Having contemplated numerous songs, we finally decided on Elbow’s song, ‘Grounds for Divorce’. The song has a good solid beat, and numerous instrumental interludes which will enable us to have a good performance element and a narrative element.

As we did not have a lot of time to come up with an idea, we immediately fixated upon the idea of ‘divorce’, and heightening it into something dramatic and visually exciting. Therefore, we decided to  use a couple in our narrative section who are having a physical fight that progresses into a gun fight. By having the couple running through a woods, we will be able to use a variety of shots, especially fast paced hand held ones, thus will add an edgier side to the video. We do not want the video to be realistic, but instead we want it to be an exaggerated form of a love fight, so that it portrays the link between passion and violence. In keeping with this idea, we decided to place the band in a torn apart bedroom, in order to convey to the impression that the couple had just had a fight in the bedroom and then had taken it outside. We decided that the lead singer of the band should also play the boy’s part in the narrative, as it will create an intimate link between the actors and the song.
We are focusing on the stereotypical image of a rock band, but using inspirations from bands like Kodaline and The 1975 to make the band more current and ‘indie’. Therefore, our star image is one that is slightly absent from audiences, but provides a cool edgy look that many of the audience members will aspire too. We want the band to infer a ‘bad-boy’ type look, thus we picked the members of the band who had a different style and look but were also attractive.

Here is some images that we took for inspiration:

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