Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Band Rehearsal:

Band Rehearsal:

Today, we planned what we needed for the band, and the performance element so that when we came to shooting it would run more smoothly. Having written a list of props, we began collecting the items we needed in order to ensure that we would have them all and they would look right in the set. We picked out the wallpaper and carpet we were going to use, and then also the lamp and chest of drawers. We already had the duvet, pillows and mattress but we decided to leave them un-slashed, so that we would not waste any of the feathers. Having done this, we decided to take the photos of the couple so that we could print them out and put them into frames. We asked the two actors to pose in various positions so that the audience would really believe that they were a loving couple.

Having completed all we needed to for the performance set, we began rehearsing the band so that we could begin to get a feel of what it would look lie, as well as removing any potential problems. As the drummer, guitarist, and singer all knew the song, this made our job easier as it already looked realistic. The base played did not know the song, nor could actually play the base, but he suited the start image we had created and had a lot of enthusiasm. Therefore, we spent the time helping him get used to the instrument, and he soon looked as if he could play the base. We encouraged all the members of the band to get into the song, and interact with each other as chemistry between band members is very easily noticed on screen. They quickly picked this idea up and were playing and interacting together in a way that suggested they were a real band. 
The band were very easy to work with, and helped us a lot by providing ideas on how they should interact. After the rehearsal, we began to look at outfits, as we wanted the style to incorporate our star image. Therefore, we decided that all members of the band should wear black jeans, and that we want them to either wear a dark coloured shirt buttoned all the way up, or a t-shirt. We also want the guitarist to wear a denim jacket, to ensure that they did not all look the same. By dressing the band like this, we have kept their look simple, yet still appealing in the hopes of attracting a similar audience.

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