Saturday, 29 November 2014

Beginning of the Website:

Beginning of the Website:

As we began to edit the video, we started work on the website as well. We researched bands with a similar star image in order to gain inspiration for our own website. We really liked the black and white theme that The 1975 uses in their website, and how the front page is a mixture of striking images. However, we equally liked the bold image on The Scripts opening webpage. We noticed how both bands had their name in big letters in the opening page, and how it was in the same place on all the other pages as well. We compared the different sub pages of artists webpages, and came to the conclusion that we needed to involve an ABOUT, GALLERY, MERCHANDISE, TOUR pages, as these were all communally featured. 

Having done some initial research, we decided that we wanted to have a bold image on the front page of website, in order to entice potential consumers. We therefore began to think of a symbol that embodied the nature of the band, and one that we could use to link our three products together. Having discussed our options, we decided that the two key thematic elements of the video were the 'woods' and the 'light-bulb'. Both these elements reflect the star image of the band, as the woods link with the 'rebellious' and 'bad-boy' image we want our front man to embody, and the 'light-bulb' represents the authenticity of the band. As a result, we decided that we would use these two themes in the website and digi-pak in order to establish a link between our three products, that an audience could identify with. Therefore, we decided to do a photo shoot of the lead singer, as we wanted to picture him in the woods so that we could develop this thematic element. Equally, we began to play around with images of trees in light bulbs, as we though this would be a striking image for the front cover of the website. 

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