Friday, 5 December 2014

Rough Cut: Audience Feedback

Rough Cut: Audience Feedback

After editing a rough cut of our performance element, we showed our work to some of our friends in order to gain an insight into what our potential audience might think of the video. We knew that the video was not perfect, thus the audience feedback will be very useful in ascertaining which parts we need to alter.

The audience generally responded well to the video, and many were surprised by how good it looked, considering we had a limited time to plan. This boosted our confidence in the video, and assured us that we were meeting our audiences approval.


- The audience really liked the hand held elements of the video, as they said it brought a good atmosphere to the piece and reflected the music well. As a result of this feedback, we might try to incorporate more of the hand held camera work, especially in the chorus sections. However, we still want the shots to vary through out the piece, thus might leave the hand held footage until near the end, as it will have a bigger impact when the song reaches its crescendo.

- The focus pull shot of the guitarist and bassist met our audience's approval, as they commented that it added another dramatic edge to the video. As we were not entirely sure on the effectiveness of this shot, we were pleased that it had a good response, thus will try and incorporate it when we add the narrative element of the video.

- The audience thoroughly enjoyed the band as well, and thought that each member looked realistic and engaging. The audience particularly liked the drummer and singer, and as this coincided with our view, we were really pleased that this had been translated to the audience through the video. The audience liked the variations of shots on the drummer as well, especially the close ups. As we had worked on the drummer's elements for a long while, we were happy that the hard work had paid off.

- The set also met with the audiences approval, especially the ripped mattress and feathers raining down from the ceiling. Although many said that the concept was a bit obscure, they still enjoyed the atmosphere of the set and thought it worked well with the song. Hopefully, when we add in the narrative element the concept will be more apparent and will reflect the set more.


- Although the audience understood that it was a band performing, they commented that we focused to much on the lead singer and thus the other members were shown to be slightly less important. As our aim is to promote a band we need to address this problem, therefore will probably remove some close ups of the singer and replace them with wide shots of the whole band, or mid shots of the guitarist and bassist.

- Some of the audience did not like the bassist, and thought that his expression was quite "comical and weird". However, as they were friends with the bassist this could be due to their familiarity with him, but nevertheless, we will try and see if there are similar shots we can use that have a more 'normal' expression.

Overall therefore, our band was really happy with the audience feedback, and will use it to improve elements of the video.

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  1. A good evaluation of the performance cut, Kate, with plenty of specific detail. However, you need to embed the cut itself into the post so that a moderator can reference your comments against the product.