Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Light Bulbs:

Light Bulbs:

Having completed the majority of the pages on the website, we began to concentrate on the front page, as this would be the most important. We wanted the website to be instantly striking and convey the bands star image, thus we began to research images of interesting light bulb photography. Here is some images that we took for inspiration:

We really liked the sharpness of these images, thus we knew that we wanted a close up of a single bulb as the image of our front cover. Having decided this, we began to brainstorm ideas of incorporating both thematic elements together in one image. Therefore, we decided to play around with an  an image of a light bulb and  a tree, and then photo shop the tree into the light bulb. We hoped that this would provide an enticing image that would immediately drawn in the audience. Here is some of the images we are looking at merging together:

For the background for the rest of our website, we chose an image of multiple light bulbs and recreated it, so that we had a variety of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. We decided to keep the website in black and white as it made it look more clean and professional, and added to the 'mysterious' star image of the band.

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