Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Development of the Website and Digi-Pak

Development of the Website and Digi-Pak

Having done our initial brainstorming session, we began to develop our ideas for the website and digi-pak. We knew that we wanted to centre the two products around the images of woods and light-bulbs, thus we began to channel our creativity into incorporating these themes into an actual product.

Firstly, we undertook a photo shoot with the lead singer, as although we had taken a lot of photos on the shoot day, we needed more images for the website. Equally, we wanted these images to focus solely on the lead singer, in order to emphasise the image of him as the front man. We chose to locate the photo shoot in the woods around our school, thus they were easily accessibly but provided a variety of interesting shots. Here are a few that we particularly liked:

Having done the photo shoot, we decided that we wanted to use the images of the lead singer in the woods on the digi-pak, as establishes a mental image in potential consumers minds. We wanted to promote the lead singer on the digi-pak, but the band on the website, therefore we decided to use  the theme of the woods on the digi-pak and the light-bulb theme on the website. This would provide a distinction between the products, but ensure that they were still linked to the video. Yet, we uploaded all the pictures we had onto the GALLERY page of our website, as we wanted the website to look authentic and professional, thus wanted to use a variety of photos. We edited the images carefully before we uploaded them, as we wanted them to be sharp and clear, but of more muted colours, as we decided that our colour palette would involve, blues, greys, blacks and whites. This links with the colour palette of our video, thus we were creating a link between the three products.

Having created the GALLERY paged, we focused on the ABOUT page of the website. We looked at similar artists websites, such as The Script, Elbow and Kodaline for inspiration, as we wanted to know what generic information we should provide. Thus, we centred the ABOUT page around where the band comes from, and introduced the lead singer as the front man and then the rest of the band members. We did not want the text to be too long, as audiences would lose interest, thus we created a concise summary that explained the bands background. We also decided that this would be a good page to portray the video, thus we embedded it into the website so that when someone clicked on the ABOUT page, the video automatically began to play. This is a good way to promote the band, as it forces the audience into watching the video without them being aware of the advertising.

We then focused on the TOUR page of our website, as we needed to create a variety of locations where our band would play. We researched various venues that coincided with the star image of the band and then added them to the website. We linked the website with Ticketmaster, as we decided that they were a suitable site that would sell tickets.

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