Friday, 20 September 2013

Prelim Task

Prelim Task
In our prelim task, we were giving a story board with a short ambiguous dialogue and a set number of shots that we should use. As the text was vague we were able to be creative and think of our own idea to fit the dialogue and shots.
In our scene we used a boy and a girl and had them act out the script in a serious manner. However we didn't show what it was the two actors were talking about until the last shot, which showcased the girl trying to reach the button on the projector screen, high above her head.
We used three types of shots in our scene. We used 4 wide shots, 4 over the shoulder shots and 4 close ups. All these shots had a specific purpose and added to the meaning of the scene. We started with a wide shot, that established the setting (a classroom) and introduced the 2 characters. The over the shoulder the shots helped to distinguish the characters even more and created a dynamic between them. Similarly, the close ups allowed us to see the emotions on the characters face and make the scene more personal and intimate. Before we started filming, we set up the camera and marked out where the characters would walk on and stand so that they would fit fully in the frame. We also ensured that nothing else was in the frame apart from what we wanted, so we removed all the tables and chairs from the classroom so we had a wide open space.

To start with, we filmed the whole thing in wide just to ensure that we had all the scene on camera, just in case we had problems later on it meant we could always cut back to a wide shot. We then filmed 3 over the shoulders shots from over the girls shoulder, and 1 from over the boys. We repeated these shots a few times just to ensure we had the right frame and could see a good amount of both characters. The close up shots were the last we filmed and we ensured that we had sharp crisp images by re-focusing the camera before we filmed each shot. To add to the scene, we had a close up of the girls finger struggling to reach the projectors on button, as this added comedy and really focused the audience in on a specific part of the girl.
Our group worked really well together, and we were efficient in coming up with the idea quickly and shared what shots to film so everyone had a turn manning the camera. As we worked well together, we were able to bounce ideas of each other which ultimately helped us to come up with more creative ideas and shots.

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