Friday, 6 September 2013

Small Summary

A Small Summary
Hello, my name is Kate Douetil and this is my first blog. It is for my AS Media Studies Coursework and it will monitor my progress in this class. Through out the year I will upload new projects I have done, and hopefully they will improve over the year! Although, I use many social network accounts, such as facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram  I have never written a blog but it will act as a good tool to document my work.

 I go to school at Hurtwood House, which is based in Dorking. I am a boarder, but I live very close to the school in a town called Horsham. I choose to board in a mixed house (boys and girls) because it is far more enjoyable and your house soon becomes your family. I am taking for AS, English Literature, History, Business and Media. I have always been interested in  filming so I am very excited to learn how to do it properly and on a larger scale. I am particularly interested in music videos as I love music. My favourite bands are The Tribes, Phoenix, Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. I would love to be able to shoot a music video for one of my favourite bands or any new upcoming artists.

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