Thursday, 29 May 2014

Analysis of a Music Video

Analysis of a Music Video

This song is by Kodaline, and is called 'High Hopes'.

This music video is purely narrative, as it does not include images of the band singing, or their instruments. The lyrics match the storyline of the video, and make the audience go on an emotional journey with the two characters whilst the song is playing as a non diegetic soundtrack. Thus the star element of the piece is the two characters, instead of the band itself. This suggests that Kodaline want their audience to believe and feel their lyrics, rather than rely on an extravagant performance.

The video begins with a wide establishing shot, that shows a middle aged man trying to fill his car with smoke so that he can suffocate to death. The car is an isolate spot thus shows that the man is desperate and his emotions are raw and painful. The middle aged woman then runs over the hill in a wedding dress, with her supposed fiancée trailing behind her. The fact that this is story about going back and choosing the person you really love is easily conveyed, as the two characters develop their relationship as the song builds to a crescendo. The age of the characters is interesting, and suggests that Kodaline want to attract a wide audience, and not just younger fans.

The shocking factor of the ex-fiancée shooting the two characters is unexpected and ruins the peaceful bliss like tone that has been previously represented. This however, does link with the song, as "the world keeps spinning around" shows the two characters alive and together in hospital, even after being shot. It changes the tone and mood of the video, into something more thoughtful and poignant so that the audience are left feeling connected with the characters and as a result with the song and the band. 

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