Thursday, 29 May 2014

Analysis of a Music Video

Analysis of a music video
This is a Miley Cyrus song, called 'We Cant Stop'.
Miley Cyrus, who was a Disney Channel child star has re launched her singing career by changing her image. She has transformed from an innocent young girl to a successful rebellious music star. This change is clearly portrayed in this video, and the audience is supposed to feel shocked whilst also revelling in the idea of nonconformity.
This song has a strong narrative element. It shows young adults partying hard, and breaking many of societies conventional rules. This links with the songs lyrics 'This is our party, we can do what we want to'. Many of the images shown are quite strange and therefore accentuate the theme of rebellion from the norm, and not caring about what others think about you. Some of these images include, dancing life sized teddy bears strapped to people backs, dolls, stuffed animals being treated as real pets, and a cross made out of French fries. The image of a girl shopping her pretend fingers off, is equally odd, but yet entices the audience into the world of being yourself, despite what others expect of you.
The star element of the video is the artist, Miley Cyrus. She lips syncs throughout and there is no show of any instruments used throughout. To emphasise the rebellious theme she is dressed in
skin tight white outfits that leave little to the imagination and her dance moves are equally provocative thus are challenging the images of her as a young girl. The close up camera angles on certain key areas of her body are mainly targeted towards male viewers, therefore again implying that she is openly trying to provoke her male audience. The open display of tattoo's, alcohol and sex are all part of this anarchic star element that Miley is putting forward. The use of literally a 'money sandwich' is shown and links to the idea of not caring about anything but having a good time. The use of gold chains, big nails and gold rings are part of the pop culture and show a degree of wealth and 'gangsta' image. The other people in the video are equally sexualised and thus are shown to be involved in this nonconforming behaviour.
There is product placement at the beginning of the music video. There is a beats speaker which is suggested to be playing the track that everyone is dancing too. 

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