Monday, 3 March 2014

Evaluation Task 5:

How did you attract/address your audience?
Our primary target audience is men and women aged between 20-40.
Our secondary target audience is mainly men over the age of 40.
As our piece is mainly aimed at an older generation we were able to embed a more complex storyline and use subtly in the opening, instead of revealing the whole plot. This is shown in the fact that we did not establish any visible link between the young girl and the older business man. This leaves the audience questioning this link and therefore engages their interest. The close up shots we used show no physical resemblance between the two characters, and the costumes have no similar qualities thus the audience are left guessing at the connection between the two. However, the cuts between these two characters signifies that there is a strong link between the two, and this is emphasised by the fact that they are the only two characters involved in the opening. This complex idea will entice an older audience who are more willing to contemplate the storyline, rather than a younger audience who may become bored if they do not understand what is happening from the beginning.

Additionally, an older audience will be more interested in the dynamic between the young girl and business man, as they may have young children themselves. This will make the hanging scene more shocking for an older audience as it may lead to them thinking of their own children, thus an emotional link is created between the audience and the film. The image and sound of the hanging may be too explicit for a younger audience as it may expose them to ideas that they should not have to experience. We attracted an older audience by not showing the business man after the girl has hung herself, as it creates a more poignant moment that parents will be able to relate too.

Furthermore, the setting of our piece will attract our target audience. The setting is of a rich businessman and a girl in a large opening space that is implied to be her garden. This portrays that both characters are from a middle/upper class background, thus will be more relatable to an older audience. An older generation will be able to connect with this sophisticated background and therefore will be more engaged in the piece as they could relate it to their own lives or others around them. We showed this through the setting and through costume. Both characters outfits show a considerable amount of wealth, thus coupled with the setting implies that they are part of the middle/upper class.

The sound we used also interests our target audience, as it is slow and tense. A younger audience may find this too dull and would not understand the meaning behind it. An older audience will understand that the music is used to build suspense and add to the action. Therefore they will be able to gain the full effects of the piece and thus will add to their overall enjoyment of the piece.

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