Friday, 28 March 2014

Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback

We spent some time analysing our audience feedback so that we had a clear understanding of what our audience thought of our film. We asked members of our school to watch the opening sequence and then comment on it. Here are some of the responses.

"Interesting idea" - Harry Lawtey
"Beautiful focus pull" - Livi LoPrimo
"It was all timed very well" - Tabby Bell
"The depth of field made her look isolated and lonely" - Toby Smith
"The way the music stopped before she hung herself was very effective" - Alice Heappey
"Camera work is brilliant" - Lucy Mason

All these responses show that we managed to entice our audience's attention and the fact that many people became vocally anxious before the hanging conveys that they had become emotionally involved in the piece as well. Having spent a lot of time and work, filming and editing the piece it is really pleasing to have such good feedback. 

From speaking to our audience we were able to judge whether our preferred reading was portrayed clearly. Here we had some mixed views and some suggestions on how to improve the link between the man and  girl. 

"I understood that the Bible was linked to her killing herself" - Simon Wood

This is our preferred reading as the Bible is a strong part of our plot. However some of our audience did not like it:

"I didn't buy into the Bible bit" - Tabby Bell
"I didn't like the Bible bit" - Chris Allderidge
"It should have been a stronger connection" - Phoebe Delikoura 

Having gathered this information we know that the link between the two characters is very ambiguous and could have been made much clearer. If we were too re film the piece we would definitely work on strengthening the connection between the man and girl. A suggestion from one member of the audience (Lucy Mason) was "You should have shown specific words of the contract". We were going to do this but found during editing that it did not make the piece run smoothly, thus we left it out. Judging from our feedback it would have been beneficial to try and add specific words of the contract anyway, in order to make the connection easier to understand. 

When asked what the target audience for our thriller should be our audience said:
"People between 20 and 40, but mainly men" - Harry Lawtey 
This is the exact audience we wanted to attract thus it was pleasing to hear that we had successfully gauged the right age group and gender of our piece, and targeted it well. 

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