Saturday, 15 February 2014

Editing Lesson #5

Editing Lesson 5
As we had completed all the cuts in our scene we turned our attention to the sound. We had to use the sound from the mike rather than from the microphone that was attached to the camera. In order to find this sound, we had to listen to each clip of sound and detect which one was the clearest. After this we deleted the sound we did not want, and copied the sound we did so that it was doubled up thus was extremely clear and loud. This was incredible time consuming as we had to do this for each clip and ensure afterwards that the sound image where then linked back together. This will help us in the future as this repetitive task is necessary to ensure that the sound is correct and will be important the next time we cut together a piece.
Once we have finished this we will turn our attention to the titles of our sequence and this will be the final thing we will add to our piece
so that it is finished. 

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