Friday, 11 October 2013

Thriller Ideas


IDEA 1 : 

whole film synopsis

A girl, around 16, is suffering from mental health issues. She is fixated upon the idea of how she can push the limit of near death experiences, without actually dying. The film would consist of numerous suicide attempts, and the audience would be kept in suspense over whether or not she would succeed in killing herself.

opening sequence:

The girl would be up a tree and the sequence would end just before she goes to jump off the tree. Low angle shots would emphasise the height of the tree, and extreme close ups would convey the nervous thrill of the girl. Also a shot of a notebook filled with her other near death experiences would be shown to give an idea of the plot. 

IDEA 2 : 

whole film synopsis:

A young innocent girl, around 13, befriends an older guy at her school. His friendship seems harmless at first, and she confides in him the issues of her home life, and he comforts her. However, he begins to lead her astray, into a world of drugs, violence and prostitution.  The girl becomes pregnant and falls into depression when she has to have an abortion. The film would be a series of flashbacks of her innocent life, her life with the boy and her current life in hospital (recovering from depression). 

opening sequence: 

To show her life before it all turned bad, the opening sequence would be of her in a fairground with her friends, but the end of the scene would see her walk off with the older boy. The main emphasis would be on light, and the colourful lighting during the fairground and the growing darkness as she walks away with the boy. 

IDEA 3: 

whole film synopsis: 

A family has just moved into an isolated rural village in which there is a mass murderer. The film focuses on how the family try to make friends with the village, and how the murderer is never known so everyone is suspicious of everyone. The film ends with the murderer killing the parents of the family, and then their daughter kills the murderer in a revenge attack. 

Opening sequence: 

The daughter has to walk home everyday through a corn field and the opening sequence would emphasise the isolation of their home. From filming from a low angle it would show that in the corn the girl was hard to see. By playing slow music and having the sounds of the grass rustling it would create a creepy atmosphere. 


whole film synopsis: 

The film is set in a convent, that follows a strict Religion. The convent is filled with a variety of people of all ages, and the film follows the highs and lows of living in a tight nit group of people, who all follow an extreme Religion. The main focus would be on the head of the convent discovering that two of the younger members are breaking the rule of abstinence, and the severe and twisted punishments the head installs upon them. 

Opening sequence: 

The opening sequence would show a boy entering the convent, through an initiation. The initiation would be to walk through a fire. The build up would be of lighting the fire, and music becoming louder and louder. Close up shots of the Convents logo would showcase that the boy was entering something different and peculiar. The screen would go dark before he steps into the flames but the thought of him stepping into it would be created.

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